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Our Most Recent Work

Party Floral Centerpiece- Bohemian

"I've worked with Beth Hensley and the team for a number of years. Together we have thrown some pretty incredible parties whether it was for fifty for a Christmas brunch or more at a charity event supporting the arts. "

"Beth and her team are a pleasure to work with and that matters when someone enters your home and kitchen, sometimes a couple of days before an event! The service was always exceptional and the clean-up was done along the way so there was never a mess to keep you from the joy of sharing food with family, friends, and colleagues. "

- Christine Huskisson

Chris and Mellie Wedding Kiss

"Beth and her team helped us with the planning, set-up, and DJ equipment. They made sure everything went efficiently and all was on time! I highly recommend this team of ladies!"
- Chris and Melanie Gilhaus


Emily and John Linton

"Beth and her team was an amazing coordinator for our wedding. She had excellent knowledge regarding rentals, schedules, and food! Her overall expertise and skills allowed for our wedding planning, and our big day, to run flawlessly."
- Emily and John Linton

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